Woolworks Curriculum Guide Grades 3-8 Lesson 11: Knitting

Woolworks Curriculum Guide Grades 3-8 Lesson 11: Knitting

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Lesson 11: From Grandma's Knee: Knitting
Children learn about industrial life while learning to knit.

Paragraph from the Chapter

"The value of knitting with children is not new. Knitting offers an opportunity for the two hands to work together, crossing midline and developing a rhythmic and repetitive skill that helps develop processing abilities in the brain. Many teachers use knitting as a tool to help students focus during read aloud time. It is also a good quiet activity during other "down time" when work is finished. Others use knitting as a tool for focusing the brain towards more academically challenging works such as test taking, or the introduction of new subject material. It's no surprise that knitting helps to develop the brain Alternative educational programs such as Waldorf use knitting as part of the curriculum as early as first grade. It is believed that the dual action of the hands in knitting enables the brain to better prepared for reading and other academic subjects."

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