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Built to last.

Crafted from hard rock maple in our in-house woodshop, our looms are sturdy, functional, and quiet.

Why Harrisville Looms?

Originally designed for the can-do generation of the 1970s, we wanted to create a relatively inexpensive floor loom that could be easily assembled at home. Being able to build a loom in the comfort of your own home brings a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, and helps you understand the loom from the inside out when you sit down to weave.

Our looms feature an easy assembly with a comprehensive manual. No toolbox required - everything you need is included right in the box.

Smooth & quiet, our looms are renowned for their performance. The coated leather harness cables and smooth pulleys

Choose your size.

Enter the world of weaving with our beginnner-friendly Model A, or enhance your weaving experience with a Model T or L.