Floor Looms

Quality. Value. Tradition.

We’ve been making high-quality, durable looms for over 50 years. Constructed from hard rock maple in our own woodshop, our looms are quiet, dependable, affordable, and portable.

As a weaving company with decades of experience, we know how to build durable looms that weavers love to use. Weaving on a Harrisville Designs loom is both meditative and quiet, allowing you to better enjoy the therapeutic nature of weaving.

Our looms come in various sizes and may be purchased assembled or as a kit. We also offer free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Whether you are completely new to the world of floor looms or an experienced weaver, a Harrisville Designs loom is the perfect addition to your studio.

A loom like no other.

Our looms stand out from the crowd. Over the past 50 years, we've perfected the construction and design of our floor looms, creating a tool for weaving that anyone can use. We are the only loom on the market that comes with a five-year guarantee against shipping damage and manufacturing defects.

A Harrisville Designs loom is...

  • affordable
  • portable
  • quiet
  • easy to assemble & maintain
  • made in the USA from quality materials
  • great for beginners & advanced weavers alike

Build your own.

Originally designed for the can-do generation of the 1970s, we wanted to create a relatively inexpensive floor loom that could be easily delivered to your home or apartment and assembled by you. Building a loom in the comfort of your own home brings a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, and allows you to master your loom’s design and performance. This knowledge will allow you to confidently maintain your loom for decades to come.

Our looms are easy to assemble and include a comprehensive instruction
manual. No toolbox required—everything you need is included right in the box.

Need replacement parts? We provide those, too. From new harness cables to tie-up chains, we’ve got you covered. With 50 years in the loom business, you can count on our top-notch customer service and parts inventory to be there when you need it.

Choose your size.

Enter the world of weaving with our beginnner-friendly Model A, or enhance your weaving experience with a Model T. All looms are available either assembled or unassembled, and are build from hard rock maple with wheels for easy mobility.

So what's the difference?

The Model A will weave up to 22" wide, with the option of 4 harnesses/6 treadles or 8 harnesses/10 treadles.

The Model T will weave up to 36" wide, with the option of 4 harnesses/6 treadles or 8 harnesses/10 treadles.

While our Model A is ideal for scarves, shawls, table runners and napkins, our Model T is perfect for making larger table linens, blankets, and fabric for handmade clothes.

Top photo (left): Model A/4 22" loom


Handcrafted in New Hampshire

At Harrisville Designs we’re committed to quality, craftsmanship, and supporting our local economy. We’ve been making looms since 1972 and are proud that our looms are still handmade by skilled artisans in our Harrisville woodshop.

Our looms are built to last, and each component of our looms is thoughtfully chosen. Our treadle tie-ups are chains with snaps versus nylon cords (which can stretch over time), and our hanging harness system is the quietest on the market. Each loom comes with a stainless-steel reed, a high castle design, and wheels at no extra cost to you. Harrisville Designs' looms fold easily, even when warped, for easy storage and transporting.

We believe that the love that we put into our looms and the sense of place that defines them is what makes them different. Whether you are a novice or experienced weaver, we know that you’ll love creating with a loom from Harrisville Designs.