Collingwood Shaft-Switching Device

Developed and perfected by Peter Collingwood over twenty-five years, the Shaft-Switching Device is offered as a special option with our rug looms. It has proven to be a simple but effective tool for achieving the exciting designs that Shaft-Switching makes possible. In its simplest form, Shaft-Switching allows you to activate a warp end on either of two shafts (harnesses) without having to cut and re--thread that end in the process. Being able to effectively change the tie-up with just the flip of a leaver makes possible designs that are otherwise extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.
The Collingwood Shaft-Switching Device is available for 45" and 60" rug looms with 1/2" spacing. There are 84 levers on the 45" and 114 levers on the 60" loom. Please refer to Peter Collingwood's book, Rug Weaving Techniques: Beyond the Basics for more detailed discussion of Shaft-Switching and its capabilities.
Sectional Warp Beam Adapters will turn your warp beam into sectionally divided beam providing more accurate tension.
Bold Down Steel Brackets are for bolting the loom right to the floor.

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