Day for Night 

is a collection of 11 garments and accessories by Sarah Solomon featuring Daylights and Nightshades, together for the first time.

For this collection

we drew on our love of classic tailoring, classic film, and costume design to explore how our everyday clothes make us feel, not just in terms of comfort but in how garments have the power to make us feel more or less like ourselves, allowing us to dress up, dress down or step into a new role. Colors, textures and silhouettes all have the ability to shape how we walk through our days and our nights, shifting the lens of how we see the world and our ourselves in it.

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We’ve created a cast of characters that we hope is as nuanced and varied as the knitters who work with our yarns. 

We invite you to step into the story and make it your own...

We all knit for different reasons and enjoy different types of projects.

This collection offers a full range of skills and constructions–everything from flat pieces to hats to garments–in order to make working with our yarns accessible to a wide variety of knitters. We understand that the process of knitting is as important to knitters as the finished product, and we consider thoughtfulness to the knitter to be a hallmark of good design and good pattern writing. We hope you enjoy making these garments as much as you enjoy wearing them.


A relaxed raglan tunic knit in pieces from the bottom up with a vented hem, deep turn-backcuffs and a generous cowl neck collar. A simple slip stitch pattern provides rich texture and meditative knitting

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An oversized, open-front, drop shoulder layering piece featuring fold over lapels adorned with mirrored traveling cables. Hidden inset pockets sit beneath the cable panels, and lapels are joined to the hem with an I-cord Three-Needle Bind Off to create additional hand warmer pockets.

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A seamless, oversized top-down yoke sweater with a simple two-color motif, a loose, swingy silhouette and bracelet-length sleeves. Simple to knit, easy to wear, Hawley comes together quickly and pairs beautifully with everything from pants to skirts to dresses.

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A sleek ribbed hat with a roll-up brim and a flat, squared-off crown. The crown is shaped with cabled decreases and joined using the Modified Three Needle Bind Off.

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A classic ribbed watch cap with a fold-up brim. The five-point crown shaping makes this hat just a little bit out of the ordinary while still maintaining a well-rounded shape.

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Panels of rib and traveling cables create sinuous lines and a regal aspect. Knit in pieces from the bottom up for a tailored fit, this sweater fits like a custom suit of armor but feels light as a feather.

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Five of the patterns included feature a skill-building progression intended to introduce knitters to cable knitting and to help them transition from novice to expert.

The Wilde Scarf and the Flynn Scarf/Wrap are gateways to the other cable designs in the collection–each of these accessories offers different sizes and degrees of complexity.
The Wilde Scarf is the easiest pattern of the series, a short scarf that begins and ends with a simple 2x2 Rib border separated by a row of reverse stockinette; all of the directions are both written and charted.

The Flynn Scarf/Wrap offers both a long scarf and a wider wrap version, each of which feature a rib that flows seamlessly into the cable pattern using increases and decreases, for those who are already comfortable with charts or aspiring to use them. 

The Carr Hat uses these same cables in circular knitting with integrated shaping for the crown.


A simple but effective cable pattern, easy to memorize but full of impact in the finished piece. The hat is worked from hem to crown in the round and can be made as either a fitted beanie with a short brim or a watch cap with a deep rolled brim.

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The series culminates with the two garments, Flynn and Wilde.

Flynn is a tailored women’s pullover featuring the more sophisticated rib used in the Flynn Scarf/Wrap and the pattern offers options for four lengths: cropped, hip-length, tunic and dress. 


A classic, tailored, set-in sleeve pullover worked flat in pieces from the bottom up with a simple cable pattern. The body is unshaped and directions are given for four length options; cropped, hip-length, tunic and dress.

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Wilde’s silhouette is based on traditional men’s sweaters and uses the same simple rib and transition row as the Wilde Scarf.  


A set-in sleeve pullover featuring a simple cable pattern that is both contemporary and timeless. Worked flat in pieces from the bottom up. The silhouette is based on traditional men’s pullovers but is suitable for a range of body types.

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Collection Contributors 

Designs: Sarah Solomon 

Technical Editing: Dawn Catanzaro and M. F. Corwin

Model: Christina Behnke 

Photography: Stacy Keck 

Photoshoot Art Direction: Emily Jones 

Styling: Caitlyn Goebel 

Hair and Makeup: Amy Richardson 

Location: The Mumford House 

Sample knitting/pattern testing by: Sue Golden, Katelynn Hanners, Jessica Savage, Philippa Solomon and Sarah Solomon

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