Harrisville Designs Retail Store

Our retail store location is more than just a destination yarn shop. It’s where 200 years of woolen-spun textile tradition and vibrant color palettes combine to create an ethereal, uplifting atmosphere brimming with warmth, creativity, and projects yet to be discovered.  

Housed in the 1830’s Harris Mill, the first-floor location welcomes customers with sunlit windows, whitewashed brick walls, idyllic views of the brook, and of course, endless skeins of our natural 100% wool yarn.  

The luminous colorwork combinations from our classic Highland and Shetland lines, specialty American Cormo Nightshades and Daylights lines, Shear, beautifully carded fleeces, award-winning Friendly Loom products, and high-quality handcrafted looms and weaving accessories all continue to be manufactured right here in Harrisville, New Hampshire.

Workshops & Classes

Since 1971, the steps to the second floor have led HD students from across the U.S. and around the world, into our spacious, light-filled studio. It’s here that classes—taught by renowned instructors—are held for knitters, makers, sewers, and weavers of all genres during our annual workshop season.

Typically meeting between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m, the studio is made available 24 hours a day to students. Week-long attendees have the added opportunity to tour our spinning mill, listen to a talk on the history of Harrisville, and immerse themselves in our village community. 


4 Mill Alley
Harrisville, New Hampshire

Tues - Sat, 8:30am - 5:30pm

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Harrisville Designs Retail Store at 4 Mill Alley, Harrisville NH, can be found off Route 101 between Keene and Peterborough. We are approximately two hours from Boston, Massachusetts, and Hartford, Connecticut, and four hours from New York City and Montreal.