american wool raised in idaho & oregon

cvm & romeldale

natural undyed fibers

Shear: a yarn inspired by the natural beauty of raw fleece

We work with wool everyday, but it isn’t often we get the opportunity to work directly with a wool breed so uncommon. When we found this specific flock of California Variegated Mutant (CVM) and Romeldale ewes in Idaho and Oregon, we were immediately caught by the quality of the wool, and the incredible range of naturally occurring shades. Bright white, silvery grey, deep chocolate tones, all found out in the field. Perhaps more important than the beauty of these colors, the wool we found was impressively crimped, with a long, strong staple. Before we even had a chance to put it in the mill, we knew the yarn made from this fiber would be springy, light, and soft.

Spinning Shear

In many ways, our challenge in spinning such a unique and wonderful fiber was to get out of the way, and let the fiber speak for itself. We decided to spin this at a versatile dk weight, warm enough to work for a thick winter sweater, or a drapey shawl, all depending on the needle size used. Woolen spun yarn can be knit at a range of gauges, and we find this yarn can be comfortably knit on a US 4, all the way through a US 8. The fabric created from this yarn will have an impossibly light, soft, and warm quality. Great care was taken in choosing the right fiber for these skeins, and we hope the goods made from this yarn will bring years of enjoyment.