A recent initiative to upgrade our electrical power provided the opportunity to install a solar array on Mill No. 6. Read on to learn more.


At Harrisville Designs, we know that it's not enough to be proud of the things we do, like making wholesome quality products that enrich the lives of our customers, we also want to be proud of how we do them.

The Colony family has deep roots in the woolen industry, an industry that has unfortunately played a big role in polluting our air and water. As we had recently set the course to move our spinning operations back to their original location, we knew our energy needs would increase significantly. It was imperative that we work to offset our energy usage by harnessing a renewable energy source. And while working with local utility companies to introduce 3 phase power to the mill, we learned it was the ideal approach to harnessing solar energy. This kicked off a long desired separate project to install a solar array.

In June 2021, HD chose to partner with a local solar company called ReVision Energy to design and install our own solar array on Mill No. 6.

Just under a year later, the array of 186 solar panels was completed.

On May 16th, 2022, Pat, Nick and Chick Colony (L to R) flicked the switch and began to generate power.

The 186 solar panels are nested almost imperceptibly atop the roof of Mill No. 6.

In 2020, the average American home consumed about 10,715 kilowatt hours in a year. Under optimal conditions, we can now generate around 80,000 kilwatt hours in a year. Enough, we hope, to fully power the entirety of our operations. We've always been proud of what we do and the people who help us do it, but we knew we could be doing more to reduce our impact on the environment.

Gone are the days where the rivers and ponds changed color and various shades of grey billowed from our smoke stacks. We plan to do all we can to continue this work and promote sustainable energy and heating sources.

We look forward to continue working with ReVision Energy to continue our mission of promotinge sustainable energy and heating sources. ReVision is a top solar installer in New England, is employee-owned, and is a B Corp. Visit their website at