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A Note on Harrisville Designs 2022 Workshop Season

There’s no need to expound upon the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought over the past two years. Instead, we’d like to commend the staggering amount of creativity and resilience that you – our students and customers – have shown in the face of such intense adversity. It’s because of your inspired determination that in-person workshop classes will once again be offered in 2022. It’s an honor for all of us at Harrisville Designs to maintain a studio where some of the most highly respected, personable, and professional fiber artists in the country can share their knowledge with you. Although we have limited the number of workshops, class sizes, and allotted Boarding House reservations, ensuring your health and safety remains at the heart of these decisions. Whether you’re new to classes or have joined us before, we’re excited to offer you the chance to learn, grow, and practice. Until then, stay well and stay creative! 

COVID-19 Protocol

Students and teachers are required to be up to date on all CDC recommended COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, as eligible. Please bring proof of vaccination status. We recommend taking a self-test before arrival on the first day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we reserve the right to cancel the class at any time for safety reasons. If it’s necessary for Harrisville Designs to cancel a class due to COVID-19 concerns, students will receive a full refund.