Zapotec Weaving with Samuel Bautista Lazo

Type: class

Join us for a 2 Day Introduction to Zapotec Weaving with Samuel Bautista Lazo.
Skills needed: Students will need to know how to warp a loom. We will only be using 2 harnesses. Please call if you have questions about this.

This is a very special opportunity to be introduced to how these beautiful rugs are made and get a small taste of the incredible culture of textiles in Oaxaca.

Class will be on Friday December 6th 9-4 and Saturday December 7th from 9-2

There is limited room in our boarding house. If you are interested in staying in our boarding house, please call (603) 827-3996.

There will also be a Cultural Talk and meet and greet with Samuel on Saturday afternoon from 2:30-3:30 and an opportunity to purchase beautiful Zapotec woven rugs, bags and textile pieces.

Samuel grew up in the Zapotec way of life: weaving rugs, herding goats, sheep and cattle in the foothills of Xiguiea; planting corn in the summer with the feather dance and harvesting it after Dia de Muertos in November.

In his own journey of self-discovery, Samuel has revisited his people’s written history from an indigenous perspective and is here to share with us how the Central Valley of Oaxaca became one of the cradles of civilization. Through the patterns and symbols woven into Benizaá rugs Samuel communicates the deep understanding of the human spirit and its connectedness to heaven and earth.

Samuel talks about ancient history in an engaging way because he believes that we live in a time where modern society should redirect its path and re-root the current production and consumption system in ancestral wisdom. Having done research and obtained his PhD in Sustainable manufacturing at the University of Liverpool, Samuel went back to his family’s weaving workshop to preserve his weaving heritage and maintain the delicate balance with mother earth.

Samuel invites everyone to reconnect to their own ancestral lineages and find the thread that unite us all in the tapestry of life.

Benizaá rugs from Samuel’s network of friends and family will be available for sale. Samuel brings a large selection of rugs as well as a selection of clutches, purses, tote-bags and pillowcases.


Class held at our studio above the HD Retail store.

4 Mill Alley, Harrisville, NH 03450