Yoked Sweaters with Jennifer Steingass

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Product Description

Price: $475

Date: September 4-7 (Tues-Fri)

Instructor: Jennifer Steingass

In this workshop, students will begin knitting a top down, seamless, stranded yoke sweater with one of Jennifer's favorite yarns, Peace Fleece DK.  Many colorwork yoke sweaters are worked from the bottom up, a great construction method, but sometimes knitting the pieces the correct length can be tricky.  By knitting a yoke sweater from the top down, it's easier to adjust the length of the yoke, sleeves, and body as you knit.  Swatching, color dominance, color theory, and contrast for optimal color combinations will be covered as well as the role of short row shaping and choosing a size that flatters your body. Starting from the neckline, you'll cast on and knit your yokes!    

Skill level: intermediate.  Some prior experience with stranded knitting and circular knitting suggested. 


About the Instructor

Jenn Steingass lives in midcoast Maine with her family.  When her first son was a baby, she wanted to make wool cloth diaper pants for him, so she learned to knit.  It quickly became a passion and she's been knitting almost every day since.  A few years ago, she knit a toddler-sized stranded colorwork yoke sweater and was immediately hooked.  From there she went on to kit many more stranded yoke sweaters by various designers and then tried her hand at designing her own.  Besides knitting, her family, friends, cats, good food, music, and nature are what bring her joy. 


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