Scandinavian Slippers: Next Steps! with Kristin Drysdale (7/11)

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Sat 7/11/2020 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

This is an intensive Colorwork Class. Students will learn how to knit and purl with two colors at once. Pattern is included for either Ingeborg, Hansdatter, Christian Peter, Oldsdatter, or Lotta.

We will have a Continental/English knitting style refresher course. Knitting with one color with each hand or two in the left hand will be covered. At least one slipper will be completed in class.

Techniques beyond color work will include increasing and decreasing (ssk and k2tog) in color work, catching floats (while knitting and purling), reading charts and patterns, crochet edge, and assembling slipper together with instruction on gauge, fit, felting, and embroidery.

Note: Students must be able to knit and purl with confidence.

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