Pom Pom Earrings


 Pom Pom Earrings

A Collaboration between FIBROUS & Harrisville Designs


Each pair of Pom Pom Earrings is handmade by Ellen Bruxvoort of FIBROUS using genuine copper hardware and 100% virgin wool spun by Harrisville Designs. We worked together to design something that was both fun, bold, AND lightweight. 

This purchase not only supports small, grassroots businesses, but is also zero waste! Approximately 1/3 of the fiber used making a pom pom is trimmed and often discarded, which meant that finding an eco-friendly alternative was an important part of our process. After each pair is trimmed, all fiber waste is then sorted by color, carded, and spun into a new yarn by Ashely Thurman of Loom Denim! We are thrilled with this collaboration and hope you enjoy your new jewelry as much as we do. Thank you for supporting small. 




FIRBOUS is a textile art and accessory brand founded by Ellen Bruxvoort. Her work uses fiber to explore emotional connections, both with others and ourselves. Wearing jewelry is an act of self love and textiles have a unique timelessness that tramscends the borders of both style and personality. The name FIBROUS is derived from the South African philosophy of Ubuntu, which translates, 'I am because we are.' To learn more about FIBROUS visit here.


About Harrisivlle Designs

Harrisville Designs has been spinning 100% Virgin Wool Yarn in Harrisville, New Hampshire for over 40 years. As one of a handful of woolen mills left in this country, Harrisville's textile tradition is rich and dates back to 1794. Today, it is recognized as the only 18th century textile village in America that survives in its original form. Harriville Designs continues to make high quality, natural 100% wool yarns for knitting and weaving, along with beautiful carded fleece for felting and spinning. To read more about Harrisville Designs visit here.

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