Peg Loom Project (Doll Rug or Pillow)

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Ages 6+


Make a Wallhanging, Pillow, Purse, or Doll Rug.

It's easy and fun to create your own colorful, handwoven wallhanging, pillow, purse or doll rug with this great little kit designed especially for our Peg Loom.

Weaving is an ancient art.

It has been at the center of human development almost from the beginning of civilization. Weaving and other fiber arts such as spinning, knitting, crocheting, and dyeing allow children to experience their creative abilities by introducing them to the joys of working with their hands.

It's fun, easy, and educational!

Children love weaving and fiber arts. These processes are both calming and engrossing, encouraging concentration, fine motor control, understanding spatial relationships, patterning, measuring, counting and hand-eye coordination. Fiber products provide visual and tactile stimulation, which is so important to a child's developmental process.

*No loom included.

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