Needle Felt a Florentine Bird Tapestry with Neysa Russo

$ 250.00

Product Description

Cost: $250

Date: April 11-12 (Tues-Wed)

Instructor: Neysa Russo

Needle felting is a simple technique that uses barbed needles and carded wool to decorate a felt surface with design. Simple design shapes and lots of colors combine to create a beautiful Florentine Bird Tapestry. We will all begin with a simple tree, winding its way to the top of the canvas. You will learn how to needle felt fanciful and elaborate flowers, simplistic singing birds, ferns, vines and leaves. Though we will all be working on the same theme, each tapestry will exhibit the unique and personal characteristics of the artist within you. There will be many prompts to guide you with lots of inspiration for various flower clusters and birds plus an abundance of color choices. Working on the black background eliminates the need to outline and makes the design shapes and colors pop out. Along the way, you will build your needling skills, gain design experience and experiment with color. Simple design shapes combine to create unique and personal folk art. While we needle, we can talk about inspiration, composition, color choices, needle varieties, fiber and many techniques and tricks are offered to keep your felting moving forward. You will also gain insight into the basic principles of wet felting in a way that is straightforward and accessible using readily available equipment. Beginners are welcome!

About the Instructor

Neysa Russo resides in Corinth, Vermont where she combines the techniques of wet felting and needle felting to create museum quality tapestries of exquisite beauty and charm. Fascinated by the rich history of design and inspired by ancient textiles from around the world, her expertise comes to life with her creative design composition and dramatic use of color. She is an author, a teacher, markets her own line of kits, and exhibits her work in galleries.