Introduction to Steeking with Ann Weaver (Nov. 3rd)

Introduction to Steeking 
Ann Weaver 
Nov 3 (Sun)  9 – 4pm 


No Risk, All Reward STEEKS! Eyeing colorwork cardigan patterns? Tired of working purl rows on Stockinette cardigans? Afraid to cut your knitting? Overcome your fear with NO RISK! In this workshop, we’ll steek old or thrifted sweaters (bring your own or purchase one from my collection!). You don’t have to knit anything in preparation! You’ll work through all the steps of steeking a sweater, and you’ll be ready—and excited—to steek your own work. We’ll be doing crocheted and hand-sewn steeks on our sweaters. I’ll demonstrate and provide examples of both methods and discuss the pros and cons of each. You’ll leave the workshop with a booklet of photo tutorials for all the techniques discussed.

What you’ll learn: • How to crochet a steek (no crochet experience necessary!) • How to hand sew a steek • How to cut a steek • How to pick up stitches for a buttonband • How to knit a buttonband • How to perform other modifications, such as shortening the body, changing the sleeve length, and changing the collar • How to add ribbon facing to cover your steek Skills required: Picking up stitches Materials needed: This list might seem overwhelming—don’t stress out! You can get everything you need on the day of the workshop. I’ll have sweaters, and you’ll be able to purchase needles, and crochet hooks for the steek and buttonband at the shop or event.

Please plan to bring one or more sweaters to steek OR $12 per sweater you’d like to purchase from Ann. She will have good-quality thrifted wool sweaters in a variety of colors and sizes. I’ll send photos of good examples. If you bring a sweater to steek, be sure it meets these criteria: • 100% wool or nearly 100% wool • Gauge no smaller than 8 stitches per inch • No fancy texture patterns (simple cables and ribbing are fine, and colorwork is encouraged) A few more suggestions: • Beware complex collars. The more complex the collar, the more complex the steek. If you’re up for a challenge, bring something complicated! • The darker the sweater, the more difficult it will be to see your stitches.


About the Instructor


When she is not traveling to teach knitting workshops, Ann Weaver lives in Baltimore and works as a writer, editor, and bartender. Ann has created things her whole life. She learned to knit when she was seven, learned to read a pattern at 22 and started sharing her designs through various forms of publication in 2007. Since graduating from New York University with majors in Art and English and a graduate degree from Harvard in Assyriology, Ann has gained many meaningful experiences along the way, such as becoming a teaching fellow and Akkadian instructor,  barbacking, and even trying her hand at commercial bread baking, among other things. She is always looking for a new adventure. Ann’s design work reflects this quest for adventure; while retaining a clean, wearable aesthetic, Weaverknits designs experiment with asymmetry, unusual color and yarn combinations, and androgyny.

You can find her knitwear designs on Ravelry and follow her adventures in property ownership, her beloved furry friends, and her art & design work on Instagram.


Please call 1(603) 827-3996 for more information or to sign up for the class.

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