Indigo Fiber Dyeing & Resist Techniques with Rachel Snack

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Cost: $450

Date: August 1-4 (Wed-Sat)

Instructor: Rachel Snack 

In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of dyeing fiber, using synthetic indigo as a starting point. At the end of four days you will have a swatch book of indigo hues and resist patterns to use as a resource for future projects. We will explore resist processes such as ikat and shibori, and utilize techniques such as stitching, binding, clamping, wrapping and folding. The swatch book will be composed of yarn and fabric, with the option to also dye skeins of yarn, handmade clothing, cotton squares for quilting, and warps for weaving (ikat). Material experimentation and creative alternatives is encouraged, although the majority of the class will be focused on dyeing wool and cotton.    

Why synthetic indigo? 

Natural indigo requires chemical reducing, which produces waste that can be harmful if not disposed of properly. Synthetic indigo requires fewer chemicals, creating a lower environmental impact and making it easier for the water filtration system to dispose of in Harrisville. Synthetic indigo requires fewer steps, but acts and looks the same as natural indigo. Although we will be using synthetic indigo in this course, a lesson on dyeing with natural indigo will be given along with detailed instructions. Those who would like to try natural indigo on their own will have the knowledge and insight to do so after this course.  


About the Instructor


Rachel Snack is a weaver, textile artist and conservator that uses indigo and natural dyes in her woven work. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Fiber & Material Studies at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and her Master of Science in Textile Design at Philadelphia University. She has exhibited her work internationally, and taught courses on weaving, natural dyeing and textile conservation throughout the United States. She has been an artist-in-residence in Ireland and Peru, and throughout all her travels created an extensive swatch library of natural dyes from around the world. Rachel is currently the Creative Director of Harrisville Designs.  


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