Discovering Double Weave with Sarah Fortin

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Price: $375

Date: June 21-24 (Wed - Sat)

Instructor: Sarah Fortin

This class is for advanced beginners and beyond. It’s an amazing technique that allows for a lot of exploration. We will use 4 and 8 shaft looms for multi-layer weaving including layers, tubular fabrics, double width fabrics and block weaves. Multiple colors will be used to explore color interaction within this structure. If you are a novice at double weave, you will use a 4 shaft loom to create layers for horizontal tubes, double wide fabrics and circular double weave. With 8 shafts we can create double woven blocks and multi-layered fabrics with and without tubes. This structure is perfect for creating textiles for apparel or for your home. Students should be able to make a warp and dress a loom on their own.

About the Instructor

Sarah Fortin Instructor PictureSarah Fortin is a professional designer and weaver. She produces elegant, handwoven women’s clothing that she describes as practical, wearable art. Her innovative weaving techniques are complemented by the exquisite design of her garments, reflecting the interplay of pattern, texture and color. She has been a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen in both stitchery and weaving. and has taught extensively in the northeast and across the country. She has been published in Handwoven magazine and has won numerous awards for her work.