Color Interaction & Design with Tom Jipson

$ 475.00

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Cost: $475

Date: June 4-8

Instructor: Tom Jipson

This is a class most weaving students need and yet many shy away from. If you realize some of your weavings are much more successful than others but are not sure why, this class offers the tool set to move you forward. To create what you imagine takes both weaving skills and the knowledge of color and design principles. This class is the critical step beyond learning to weave: learning to successfully design your own work. We will focus on the interaction between elements within a design. Starting with basic design problems and progressing through a series of group and individual exercises, we will concentrate on attributes of color. You will be encouraged to take chances you might not normally take when working on a finished piece. It will teach you to ask the right questions and to get the results you want. Students who have taken this class have had a ball, finding it fascinating and discovering that color design could be the most satisfying component in producing beautiful fabric. It is the natural progression after your beginning weaving class. “Color Interaction and Design” is a basic building block in your development as a weaver.

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Tom Jipson’s professional career has been as a handweaver of beautifully designed and impeccably constructed shawls, scarves, blankets and throws. He has also been a long-standing member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. With an uncanny ability to coalesce students of varying skill levels into a unified and mutually supportive group, a reputation for a high level of individualized attention, and a warm, easy-going manner, Tom has been one of the most popular instructors at Harrisville Designs for over thirty-five years.

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