Boat Shuttle (12") or Shuttlette (8")

We offer two boat shuttles: the regular 12" boat shuttle, and the 8" “Shuttlette”. Both accept our 4" hardwood bobbins. The shuttles are made of hardwood and are finely sanded and finished. A spring operated shaft holds a bobbin securely yet releases easily for quick, convenient reloading. We recommend our regular shuttle for general weaving and our “Shuttlette” for narrow warps.

Our Weaving Philosophy

At Harrisville Designs, we believe that hand-weaving requires equipment that meets the highest standard of both quality and function. Our website features the looms and tools that we, as weavers, have developed with careful research and testing.

Since building our first loom in 1972, our philosophy has always been that function, quality, and economy are equal elements to sound design.

Each item must first and foremost be a good tool. We use the finest hardwoods and natural products as often as possible, because we believe that hand-weaving tools designed to work well should also be easy to live with, to look at, and to use.


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