Beginning Weaving and Beyond (Oct)

$ 475.00

Product Description

Cost: $475

Date: Oct 10 - 14 (Mon - Fri)

Instructor: Tom Jipson

This class is a combination of Learn to Weave, Advanced Beginning Weaving, and Intermediate Weaving. By combining these different levels, we have found that everyone gets more out of the class. The Learn to Weave segment is a comprehensive introductory course which gives a solid foundation for continuing to weave. Students will gain a familiarity with the warping process. (No weaving experience is necessary). In Advanced Beginning Weaving students will start with a color exploration project. Each student will then choose his/her own direction, with guidance in color or design in 4 or 8 harness weave structures. Intermediate Weaver’s projects will be expanded to challenge their individual levels. Intermediate students are encouraged to come to class with an idea or area they would like to explore. During the class all students will have the opportunity to review drafting, warping options, determining setts, fabric finishing, fabric theory and more.

About the Instructor

Tom Jipson Instructor PictureTom Jipson is a professional weaver and long-standing member of the League of NH Craftsmen. He is well known for his beautifully designed and impeccably constructed shawls, scarves, blankets and throws. With an uncanny ability to coalesce students of varying skill levels into a unified and mutually supportive group, a reputation for a high level of individualized attention, and a warm, easy-going manner, Tom has been one of the most popular instructors at Harrisville Designs for over thirty years.

Please call 1(603) 827-3996 for more information or to sign up for the class.