Ply-split Basket Weaving with Sarah Fortin

$ 300.00

Product Description

Price: $300

Date: September 27-29 (Thurs-Sat)

Instructor: Sarah Fortin

Experience the art of ply split braiding! We will use paper wraphia cords to make  
two styles of baskets.  For the first one, your cord will be made for you! But for the  
second, you will learn to make your own cord. We will use directions from the experts, Linda Hendrickson or Louise French.  This first basket will be formed from the initial 5-pointed star base. You may choose from a couple of styles for your second basket, as well as from a variety of colored wraphia.  You will need a large sized gripfid, tape measure, double pointed, size 6 to 8 knitting needle and sharp scissors.  Information for purchasing the gripfid will be given to you upon registration.  


About the Instructor

Sarah Fortin is a professional designer and weaver. She produces elegant, handwoven women’s clothing that she describes as practical, wearable art. Her innovative weaving techniques are complemented by the exquisite design of her garments, reflecting the interplay of pattern, texture and color. She has been a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen in both stitchery and weaving. and has taught extensively in the northeast and across the country. She has been published in Handwoven magazine and has won numerous awards for her work. 


Please call 1(603) 827-3996 for more information or to sign up for the class. To view and/or download our 2018 Workshop Catalogue click here.

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