Coming soon.

Day for Night is a pattern collection of 11 garments and accessories featuring Daylights and Nightshades, together for the first time. 

The shorter days and shifting light of autumn pairs perfectly with the ethos of these yarns, which is all about subtle gradations of color and the exploration of light and shade. 

For this collection we drew on classic tailoring, as well as classic film, to explore how our everyday clothes make us feel. Garments have the power to make us feel more or less like ourselves, allowing us to dress up, dress down or step into a new role.

Colors, textures, and silhouettes all have the ability to shape how we walk through our days and our nights, shifting the lens of how we see the world and our ourselves in it.

Day for Night, Sarah Solomon's first collection as Director of Knitwear Design, will be released November 8th. Stay tuned!