Rug Weaving: Block Weaves with Jason Collingwood

$ 575.00

Product Description

Cost: $575

Date: July 23-27

Instructor: Jason Collingwood

Three-end block weave is an extremely versatile structure for rug weaving, offering numerous design possibilities. With the use of various techniques, students will unlock the vast potential this weave offers. Since the threading allows for plain weave, it means the students can also explore the structure known as summer and winter in this class, opening up a whole new range of design options. Shaft-switching will be fully explained, and students will adapt their workshop looms to experiment with this exciting technique. Jason will demonstrate Shaft-switching on the Harrisville Rug Loom and discuss the many possibilities. The Rug Loom will be available for students to experiment on if they wish. Students should have some experience weaving rugs and understand basic weave structures, as well as know how to warp and weave on a floor loom.

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Jason Collingwood briefly learned to weave when he was 18 but decided to try to become a rock star instead. Six years later he returned to weaving rugs and set up his own workshop in 1986 which is located in Nayland, Suffolk. Over the past 29 years he has woven to commission somewhere in the region of 2500 rugs! Most of the rugs have been for private individuals although some have been for corporate clients, architects, and interior designers. He has done large commissions including 24 rugs for the Sheraton Hotel in dar-es-salaam, in Tanzania: a series of rugs for a castle in Switzerland and most recently, working with the Spanish Fashion House LOEWE, producing all the rugs for their Madrid Flagship store. In addition to designing and weaving, Jason spends 3 -4 months each year teaching at various art schools in North America, Australia and Europe.

Please call 1(603) 827-3996 for more information or to sign up for the class.