Charts & Schematics For Your Mac with Norah Gaughan

$ 150.00

Product Description

Cost: $150

Date: March 24 (Sat)

Instructor: Norah Gaughan

Have you always wanted to learn how to designNorah will teach you how to make beautiful cable, lace, and colorwork charts or draw professional-looking schematics on your computer! (Mac only) One simple, inexpensive drawing app for your Mac will do it all. She will guide you through the amazing process she uses to make charts and schematics with the easy-to-understand and intuitive program, Eazydraw 

[Note: This app is for Mac computers only and you need to provide your own Mac laptop for the class. Search for EazyDraw (with a Z) in the app store on your computer's dock. Norah recommends not buying it on the developer's website.] 


About the Instructor

The author of Knitting Nature, among other books, Norah Gaughan has spent her life immersed in knitting—as a freelancer for yarn companies and knitting magazines while also designing pattern stitches for 7th Avenue; as the design director at JCA (she oversaw the Reynolds, Artful Yarns & Adrienne Vittadini Yarn lines); and as the design director at Berroco for nearly nine years (where she headed up the design team and published sixteen eponymous booklets). Now an independent designer working out of her studio in Harrisville, Norah’s latest ventures include being a member of the Brooklyn Tweed design team, designing a collection with The Fibre Co. and recording on-line classes with CreativeBug. Her newest labor of love, Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook (STC Craft) showcases the results of her 30 year spate of inventing new cable patterns.


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