Mardi Gras (PRO Size)
Valentine's Loop Pack (PRO Size)

Equinox Loop Pack (PRO Size)

As summer draws to an end, we choose to celebrate the start of autumn with this beautiful color palette. Even though it's almost time to pack up the lawn chairs, store the canoes, and pull out the chunky sweaters, these potholder patterns help us look forward to the fun fall activities that lie ahead. 
Each pack contains 4 bags of 100% Custom Cotton PRO or Traditional size Loops (one of each color) in Willow, Ochre, Spice and Flax.
Enough loops to make 8 potholders.
You can download our Friendly Loom™ Catalog here, along with the Potholder Weaving Design Booklet 1 & the Potholder Weaving Design Booklet 2

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