Announcing our Deep Winter 2021 collection, inspired by heirloom knits, classic colorwork techniques, and unique construction. This collection was inspired to feature our original Highland worsted weight and Shetland fingering weight yarns. Though these yarns are spun from virgin wool and may sometimes be considered 'scratchy' when first encountered, they are specifically designed to hold up to the elements, soften with each wear, and create favorite go-to garments for years to come.

Our philosophy is that if our customers are going to endeavor to knit a sweater or favorite accessory, our task is to equip them with something that will hold up to the elements, and look and wear even better years from when they first hit the blocking table. As a New England-based company, we know all too well about harsh weather and warm layers. We apply this knowledge to our core line and aim to produce the highest quality workhorse yarn for the longest lasting knits you’ll have in your collection. The yarn is derived from a blend of Australian fine wool, to give it some softness with just the right amount of New Zealand wool for downy durability and long-lasting warmth. The New Zealand fiber also gives the yarn brilliant luster and color when the wool is dyed since it is ultra clean and bright.