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About Our Looms

Our Loom Design Philosophy

At Harrisville Designs, we believe that hand weaving requires equipment that meets the highest standard of both quality and function. Since building our first loom in 1972, our philosophy has always been that function, quality, and economy are equal elements to sound design. Each item must first and foremost be a good tool. We use the finest hardwoods and natural products as often as possible, because we believe that hand weaving tools designed to work well should also be easy to live with, to look at and to use.

If you are looking for the top of the line loom our Rug Looms are for you. If you are looking for quality and economy, check out our standard floor looms. These are available as kits as well as assembled.

Our standard looms have the distinctive high castle design and are made with kiln dried New England Rock Maple. Note the tool tray, (sold separately), which fits snugly onto the castle.

An adjustable friction brake on the warp beam allows for complete tension control.

Our suspended harnesses create a smooth, quiet, rhythmical action. Some looms tend to be very noisy and clanky. If a loom shares space with the rest of the family, the importance of being a quieter tool is significant. The Harrisville harness system allows for extra heddles to be added easily at anytime even if the threading has begun. If there’s a knot or snag in your warp, the harnesses will move forward with it instead of immediately breaking warp threads, the way they will with stationary harnesses.

Our looms function with a rising shedjack action that produces a large clean shed. Our beater assemblies are removable for ease in threading and they adjust to two height positions to accommodate different tension requirements.Our V-groove reed tracks and adjustable reed caps allow for different sized reeds in both height and thickness.

The multiple tie-up, floating lamm system on our looms uses our innovative “snap chains,”eliminating the need for cumbersome knots and cords. The result is one of the fastest, most effective tie-up systems that exists.

Our Models 22/4, 22/8, 36/4, and 36/8 Looms are now equipped with wheels to make moving your loom a breeze. The wheels are set slightly above the base of the loom so they are out of the way when the loom is stationary and yet roll easily when the loom is tipped. And they can go through any door!

When we introduced our first loom in 1972, we decided to offer it as a complete kit as a means of providing a lower-cost, high quality product to the weaving public. Weaving as a hobby can be an expensive undertaking, and as general interest in reviving the craft increased, so did the need for a more reasonably priced loom. Our intention has been to maintain the highest standards in selecting the parts that go into the looms and at the same time to keep the costs down. By producing a kit, we are able to pass these savings on to you.

Since developing the kit loom concept, we have come to realize that a kit not only offers the weaver substantial savings, but also the means of gaining a real understanding of exactly how their looms work. (In Scandinavia, beginning weaving students often start their first class by assembling their own looms!)

After building a loom piece by piece you will be able to adjust it easily, and will never be intimidated by its complexity. Our 22", 36", 45" looms are offered either as kits or fully assembled. Our kit looms are easy to assemble. All wooden parts are numbered and the instructions are excellent. Anyone can assemble our looms and it is a great way to get acquainted with your loom and how it works.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much for the explicit directions and inclusion of items for finishing (sandpaper, oil, even tools for the hardware). It was nice to receive my first loom from a company that considered what others may not think important & part of a 'kit'. I'm already very attached to my loom! - anonymous (T/8 Loom)

Instructions were excellent. We really enjoyed putting the kit together. Sanding and oiling were the most tedious and time consuming, but well worth the effort! Many thanks again for putting the pack together for me! - D.S., Scotland (T/6 Loom)

Can't wait to get rolling on my new loom. Loved the week-long class with Deborah Chandler! PS: Excellent assembly instructions! My loom was ready to weave in a few hours...Thank you! - B.M., Danvers, MA. (T/6 Loom)

I have enjoyed assembling the loom, it has been very beneficial in my learning process. Thank you! - C.H., Lyons, NY (T/6 Loom)

Quality of wood was excellent. I did find one small imperfection, but I could easily live with it. The instructions were exceptionally well written and easy to follow. Thank you for not outsourcing it out of the country! - L.W., Kettering, OH. (T/8 Loom)

I'm still VERY pleased with my rug loom! I decided to buy the 50/8 to allow easier handling of fine weaving. I've already produced several projects on the new loom, and am very happy with the purchase. Thanks! - P.S., Annapolis, MD. (50/8 Loom)

My husband and I had fun putting the loom together and I am looking forward to starting some projects. - J.V., Newburgh, NY (T/6 Loom)

I Love your looms! I also have your 50/8 floor loom. Their beauty and ease of use still amaze me. I can't wait to use this new loom. My grandson was disappointed that it wasn't for his birthday but for mine instead!...and he is only six! Thank you very much! - C.Z., Riverton, UT. (A/6 Loom)

I was very satisfied with your workmanship and the quality of loom parts. - P.J. (T/8 Loom)

Your service (telephone and shipping) was great. You might want to consider sending a sample catalog (for yarns) with new looms. - (T/6 Loom)

I purchased the loom for my summer home. As I am 70 years old, it was well worth the cost of having the loom pre-assembled for me. Thank you for offering this service. - F.W., Cleveland, GA.

I put the 8 harness loom together all by myself. Hubby held the main frame to allow me to screw the pieces together. I know my loom now! - anonymous (50/8 Loom)

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